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Episode 34: Is Your Knee Bone on Bone? You Most Likely Don’t Need Surgery!

  • (1:00) We are starting to record videos
  • (2:29) We are going to be talking Osteoarthritis, more explicitly bone on bone, specifically in the knee
  • (2:55) Every week we get at least 1 call saying their knee is bone on bone & their doctor is recommending knee replacement surgery
  • (3:56) We are receiving a ton of calls about knee pain
  • (4:11) Jake’s philosophy on bone on bone… Does it matter? X-Rays & MRIs don’t paint the full picture
  • (5:08) Jake gives an example of his philosophy
  • (7:11) Just because it is bone on bone doesn’t that is what is causing the pain response
  • (7:28) What is cartilage and its importance?
  • (9:07) What causes cartilage to break down?
  • (9:35) Difference between someone who played football their whole life and do have cartilage left compared to someone who doesn’t
  • (10:50) 60% of people over the age of 40 show in the MRI that show something wrong with a disc in their back
  • (11:52) Cartilage break down is from a lack of muscle deficiency 
  • (12:40) By using your muscles ineffectively, it puts more stress on the joints. The whole purpose of muscles in your body is to alleviate stress on your joints
  • (13:30) Jake finishes his example
  • (14:34) When you land your foot on the ground, you want to have a straighter knee
  • (15:23) What muscles need to be activated to keep the knee straight?
  • (15:46) The number one cause Jake see’s for knee pain is the muscles on the front of the leg are stronger than the muscles on the back of the leg
  • (16:30) The glutes are the muscles that need to be firing to avoid that knee pain
  • (17:12) The first thing we do with patients with knee pain is get the leg straight, without pain. Next we get the glutes firing, the glutes actively keep it straight
  • (17:39) Best thing to do for knee pain is get your knee straight and the glutes firing
  • (18:01) Jake has only had one patient in his career that was able to get a straight knee and still need surgery 
  • (18:31) Hyper-mobility 
  • (19:00) If you can’t get it straight, you’re going to need surgery
  • (19:40) Cortisone & what it does
  • (20:40) Pain is there for a reason, Jake hates injections
  • (22:12) We used the knee for that example but the same applies for the hip, back and somewhat the shoulder
  • (22:48) Bone on bone is common and just because your X-Ray shows that, doesn’t mean you need surgery
  • (23:20) Jake continues his example from earlier
  • (24:42) “Sally” comes to Jake with her left knee bone on bone this is because the muscles surrounding the knee are inflamed, so get the glutes firing to help alleviate the stress around the knee and rid of the the inflammation, which was causing the pain*
  • (25:30) If it’s bone on bone the pain is because the soft tissue surrounding the knee not necessarily the bone on bone
  • (26:32) Anything Jake can do to help you avoid the scalpel he will do it as long as it improves the quality of life


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Berman Physical Therapy is a physical therapy clinic in Naples, FL. Founded by Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT, Berman Physical Therapy’s mission is to help people aged 50+ keep ACTIVE and FREE of pain medications…even when their doctors and kids are telling them to “just take it easy!” Our specialists use rare Functional Manual Therapy techniques to find natural solutions to pain—without prescribing addictive painkillers or recommending dangerous surgeries. Maintain the active lifestyle you deserve.

Dr. Jake Berman

Dr. Jake Berman

After graduating from the University of Florida, Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT sought out mentorship first from Bob Seton in Destin, FL and then from Aaron Robles in Jacksonville, FL. Both of these mentors have 20+ years of experience helping people keep active and mobile so they can enjoy high quality active lifestyles. What Jake found was that back pain was by far the most debilitating pain and the highest factor leading to decreased physical activity later in life. These experiences are what inspired Jake to specialize in helping people aged 50+ keep active, mobile and pain free despite the aging process. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to alleviate somebody’s back pain so that they can get back to living their best life- especially in Naples! Over the years of helping 100’s of people aged 65-75 become stronger and pain free, one thing for sure has become apparent: “he who rests rots”. Jake is a firm believer that we become stiff then old, not old then stiff. Seriously, think about it...
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