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The Perfect Squat


Today we will talk about the squat!

Do you know how many times during the day you perform a squat?

You may not realize this, but you are actually squatting a lot more often than just at the gym when you are working out your legs. As humans, we are squatting constantly with our everyday activities. You perform a squat while getting up from a chair, lifting a box, picking up your grandkids, and many other activities you are doing all day. It is such an important movement, but if you do it incorrectly then you risk hurting yourself. The last thing you want to do is to strain your back while picking up your child from the ground. Below we will go over the most crucial aspects of the perfect squat.

  • Core Tight: Pull your belly button in like you are trying to squeeze into a tight pair of pants and keep the core rock solid throughout the movement.
  • Tailbone Tucked: Squeeze your butt muscles in order to tuck your tailbone and flatten out your lower back.
  • Knees Out: Push your knees out as you lower yourself down.
  • Keep Weight in the Middle of the Foot: Keep your weight off of your heels! Make sure the weight is in the middle of your foot.
  • Equal Weight Through Both Legs: Most of us favor one leg over the other. Make sure you go down and push up evenly through both legs.

The squat is such a crucial component of everyday life, and most people just do not do this movement correctly. Hopefully, you can try out some of the tips from this article and implement them today! If you have any questions about performing a squat properly, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help!

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