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The Importance Of A Proper Bike Fit

Bike Fitter

The bicycle is a great tool for exercising. You do not need a large investment to cycle around and create a healthy outdoor habit. Many can use the bicycle as a way of getting around, to go to work and we also have amateur and professional athletes who train hard to overcome their limits.

One thing is certain, for any level of cycling that you find yourself in, at one time or another you will feel some discomfort when cycling. So, if you want to ride happily and free from pain and injury, do yourself a favor, look for a qualified professional to do your Bike Fit.

What is a Bike Fit?

Bike fitting is the process of adjusting a bike for a cyclist to optimize their comfort, performance and efficiency.

Where can I be fitted?

Many bike shops offer this service to their customers and what we see are Bike Fitters who know a lot about bicycles, components, etc. However, many people lack the knowledge of human anatomy. Knowing and understanding how the human body works is extremely important for proper positioning on the bicycle. At Berman Physical Therapy, we combine the best of both worlds. Rafael Vincentini not only is a certified Retul Bike Fitter, but he is a licensed Physical Therapist making him an expert in his field.

What should I wear and how long will it take?

For the best outcome, bring shorts, preferably shorts that fit your body, your cycling shoes and pedals. Usually the Bike Fit lasts an average of 1.5 to 3 hours.

How does a Bike Fit work?

Bike Fitting

Bike Fit starts with a conversation between you and the Bike Fitter in order to determine your goals, if you have or had any injuries and what problems you have pedaling your bike.

Next, a physical assessment where the flexibility, strength and joint mobility of the client is assessed and only after that the cyclist will pedal.

Saddle height, saddle fore/aft position, saddle tilt, stem length, stem height, handlebar width, grip/grip tape diameter, brake lever adjustments, shoe, insole and cleat adjustments are the things that can be changed during your bike fit based on what is happening with you.

Is that all?

Definitely not! Over time many things can change, for example: new goals, worsening or improving muscle strength, stretching or joint mobility and with that, new adjustments will be necessary for you to continue cycling without restrictions, then it will be time for a new adjustment.

Rafael Vicentini

Rafael Vicentini

Physical therapist, bike fitter, husband and father. He recently left brazil for north american lands. When he is not bringing people back to life at berman pt you can find him having fun with his family.
Rafael Vicentini

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