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Episode 19: Exercise Progression

**Exercise is Progressive – something always has been progressing: repetitions, sets, or weight.
**Learn about Exercise Progression with sets, repetitions, and intensity!
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  • (2:50): The weight you are lifting can increase. The repetitions in each set can increase. The number of sets can increase.
  • (5:20): If you do the same exercises every single day without any changes, you are Working and not Exercising.
  • (7:15): If you are not progressing, your metabolism will slow down and muscle mass will decrease as we age.
  • (10:30): When you are exercising – there is good pain and bad pain. Muscle burning with lactic acid build-up is good.
  • (11:15): Good pain generally stops intensifying as soon as you stop the exercise. It should be resolved in 1-2 minutes. Non-productive pain can linger.
  • (12:20): DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is a good pain where the muscles are breaking down, lactic acid building up, and muscle fibers regenerating. As you start to move, i.e. getting out of the chair and taking a few steps, this improves.
  • (14:15): You don’t get old and then stiff – you get stiff and then old. If you don’t move regularly, you won’t keep it… you will get stiff.
  • (16:15): Sit to Stand Exercise – Week 1: 3 sets of 10 reps, Week 2: 4 sets of 10 reps, Week 3: 4 sets of 15. Week 4: Eccentric sit to stand for 3 sets of 10 (slow sitting, quick standing) OR holding a 5-pound weight while you sit to stand.
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