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Episode 1: The Berman Method

The Introduction to the Berman Method – who are we?

Dr. Jake Berman and Jenni Berman are here to help you identify and treat PROBLEMS and not just treating the SYMPTOMS that are a result of the actual problem.

We are here to lead you away from the Corporate Medical System and to LEARN how to help yourself naturally to Keep Active and Healthy without medications, surgeries, or unnecessary medical treatments.

Your food can be the CAUSE of your symptoms… yes, it is hard to believe, but it might be true!

  • (0:20) – Dr. Berman and BPT specializes in helping individuals ages 50+ Keep Active, Mobile, and Free of Pain Medications even when their doctors and kids are telling them to TAKE IT EASY.
  • (0:33) – Jenni Berman and BHW specializes in helping individuals aged 50+ to reach their goal weight, improve their gut health, and remain active without medications!
  • (1:20) – The Berman Method – Jake and Jenni together to treat PROBLEMS and NOT SYMPTOMS.
  • (1:40) – Medical system is “broken” as insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, medical costs are increasing.
  • (3:50) – The medical provider’s do not have the time or get the reimbursement from insurance companies to EDUCATE the patients on how to make the necessary changes to improve the problems they are experiencing – so instead, the patients are given a medication to treat the symptoms.
  • (6:20) – Jenni’s practice focuses on identifying the INTERNAL problems within the body or identifying the cause of systemic inflammation.
  • (6:54) – The External is the physical component – the back pain, hip pain which is often attributed to “getting old”.
  • (7:19) – We are out of Naples, FL. The vast majority of our clients are 50+ and even 60+, but they are very active. This is our “general” demographic for our practices that we are discussing.
  • (8:39) – We find that if we can improve gut health and reduce inflammation internally through food, this can actually improve external physical symptoms coming from the internal problems.
  • (10:00) – This is not a one-size fits all program. We have to evaluate the person as a WHOLE, examine from the inside out and outside in, be an all-around examiner to identify the true cause of problems as often times the symptoms are referred.
  • (11:45) – Jenni is working with the mom of a 2 year old is having terrible skin issues, rashes, eczema and has been on numerous medications, creams, ointments and has seen many doctors like allergist, dermatologist, pediatrician – “take this medication”.
  • (13:00) – Jake didn’t believe gluten intolerance or sensitivity was a real thing just a few years ago.
  • (13:37) – Gluten sensitivity is not a fad. It is a real thing that is happening…
  • (17:15) – Inflammatory Symptoms are being treated with prescribed medications when really many of these issues and symptoms could be solved with dietary changes and gut healing.
  • (17:45) – Arthritis can be caused from a food sensitivity!
  • (21:28) – The things you are eating could be the CAUSE of your knee pain, hip pain, and arthritis!



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Jenni Berman

Jenni Berman

Jenni, owner of Berman Health and Wellness, works alongside Berman Physical Therapy to help individuals get back in shape, improve their gut health, and to stay feeling young so they can stay in the game! After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, she went on to obtain a Master’s of Physician Assistant Studies. She has a passion for helping individuals to feel better than they thought imaginable through natural approaches, nutrition, and whole body treatment. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. When she is not working with patients or with clients, you can find Jenni on the boat, in the sun, enjoying time with her husband, Jake,her daughter Stella June, spending time in Jacksonville with her family, or playing with her [CUTE!] pups!!
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