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5 Tips to Improve Your Sit-To-Stand

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How many times daily do you think you perform a squat or sit-to-stand-sit motion?

We performing these movements without a second though throughout the day. It is a movement hidden from thought as we bend down to pick something up, sit down into a chair, rise from a toilet, or even get in/out of a car. It is usually not until we are sore or injured that we actually focus on proper form, or our biomechanics, as we call it in PT lingo. According to a study by Bohannon et al., the average community dwelling adult performs between 42-50 sit-to/from-stands (aka squats) per day1. That’s approximately 18,000 times per year! As we get older, it is typically more challenging to get up from a seated position due to decreased strength from our hips down. This is why it is important that we practice perfect form now, in an effort to increase strength and decrease the risk of injury in the future. Try these 5 easy steps to help improve your sit to stand, whether it be for yourself, a friend, or family!



Slide forward in the seat so that your bottom is close to the edge of the chair, remember to keep your chest up


Set or place both feet flat on the floor, approximately shoulder width apart, with your weight in your mid-foot region


Lean forward from your hips while maintaining a straight back. Use this time to check that your toes are under your knees


Press your feet into the floor as you push yourself into a standing position


Make sure to squeeze your bottom once coming into full standing to reinforce the movement



Regina is a Doctoral Intern from the University of St Augustine completing her final rotation here with us at Berman Physical Therapy before she graduates in April. Regina was born and raised in NYC before moving to Ithaca, NY to get her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Regina is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach. When she is not consumed by her grad school requirements you can find Regina enjoying the Florida sun and beaches or training for her upcoming races.

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