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4 Super Simple Tips To Get Vacation Body Ready!

As the sizzling heat hits Naples, many of us are planning a much-needed vacation to cooler places. It’s this time of year when we all want to feel our best, not only in terms of looking good but more importantly, feeling fit and healthy.

Because we know how important it is to maintain our fitness level, we’ve put together five simple and effective tips to help you get vacation body ready. Remember, it’s not just about achieving the perfect beach body, it’s about enhancing your overall wellness for the adventures that await.

Let’s get you ready to fully enjoy your vacation, feeling active, energetic, and at the top of your game!

Get Moving!

Our first tip is to incorporate both low and high-impact exercises into your fitness regimen.

Low-impact activities, such as swimming, cycling, or brisk walking are gentle on your joints, yet effective in building cardiovascular health. These activities can be performed daily and will help enhance endurance, which is essential for exploring new destinations through walking on your vacation.

High-impact exercises, on the other hand, include activities like running, jumping, or weight training. These exercises help improve your strength, agility, and speed, key components for engaging in thrilling adventures like hiking, rock climbing, or surfing.

Remember, the idea is not to exhaust yourself but to gradually increase your fitness level, making your vacation experiences more enjoyable and less strenuous.

Strengthen Your Muscles

To get your vacation body ready, incorporating strengthening techniques into your routine is crucial. It’s about more than just looking toned; it’s about preparing your body for the physically demanding fun that vacations often entail.

By focusing on key muscles, primarily in your back and legs, you can significantly enhance your stamina and resilience. Strengthening these areas can help prevent back pain, a common issue among travellers who walk or stand for prolonged periods.

Not only that, but stronger legs mean you can walk, hike, or explore your vacation destinations for longer without becoming tired quickly.

Remember, your vacation is an adventure, and the more prepared your body is, the more you will enjoy it. So, start incorporating simple strengthening exercises for your back and legs in your workout routine, and experience the difference it makes to your vacation!

Hydrate And Eat Well

Eating well and hydrating adequately is an essential part of getting your body vacation-ready.

Start by fueling your body with nutrient-dense foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and lean proteins. These foods will give you the energy you need to stay active during your vacation.

Try to limit your intake of processed food, as they can make you feel sluggish and bloated. Instead, focus on consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats.

Hydration is equally important, especially during warmer weather. Drinking plenty of water helps keep your body functioning optimally and prevents dehydration, which can cause fatigue and hinder your ability to explore and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Also, it’s a good idea to carry a reusable water bottle during your travels to ensure you’re well-hydrated throughout your trip. Remember, a well-fueled and well-hydrated body is a happy body!

Build Up Your Fitness

Building up your fitness level is a journey that takes time, consistency, and dedication. It’s not something that can be achieved overnight, but rather, it’s a gradual progression that requires a certain level of commitment and discipline.

The sooner you start, the better, as fitness is not about quick fixes, but steady, long-term improvements. As you work on your fitness, you will begin to see the changes, not just physically, but also in terms of your stamina, energy levels, and overall performance.

Moreover, the hard work that you put in now will pay dividends when it comes to enjoying your vacation.

So, start building up your fitness today, and when vacation time comes, you’ll be ready to seize every adventure that comes your way, reaping the benefits of your hard work and dedication.

Want To Get Vacation Ready With Our Help?

Sometimes deciding to get vacation body ready can be a great but overwhelming idea! Most people will start strong and as they fall back into old habits, they lose their momentum and give up on their fitness goals.

But with our help, you can fulfil your fitness goals and maintain them! Arrange a free taster session with us where you can talk to a member of our expert team about your aspirations and they can talk you through the process.

Arrange your free taster session by clicking this link or calling us at (239) 431-0232 We look forward to hearing from you soon to get you on track for your vacation goals!

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Dr. Jake Berman

Dr. Jake Berman

After graduating from the University of Florida, Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT sought out mentorship first from Bob Seton in Destin, FL and then from Aaron Robles in Jacksonville, FL. Both of these mentors have 20+ years of experience helping people keep active and mobile so they can enjoy high quality active lifestyles. What Jake found was that back pain was by far the most debilitating pain and the highest factor leading to decreased physical activity later in life. These experiences are what inspired Jake to specialize in helping people aged 50+ keep active, mobile and pain free despite the aging process. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to alleviate somebody’s back pain so that they can get back to living their best life- especially in Naples! Over the years of helping 100’s of people aged 65-75 become stronger and pain free, one thing for sure has become apparent: “he who rests rots”. Jake is a firm believer that we become stiff then old, not old then stiff. Seriously, think about it...
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