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Episode 122: How Many Pharmaceuticals is Too Many?

The Berman Method Podcast

Episode 122: How Many Pharmaceuticals is Too Many?

Are you tired of seeing your loved ones carry around a suitcase full of medications, many of them overlapping? Ever wonder about the reality of over-prescription in our corporate medical system? We’re about to open your eyes to these critical issues in today’s Berman Method Podcast. From discussing the dangers of treating symptoms over root causes to the concerning cycle of medication overuse, we delve deep into these pitfalls of modern medicine.

We also shed light on the debilitating cycle of medication use, specifically how statins typically prescribed for cholesterol could lead to treating symptoms like muscle pain, contributing to a pile-up of unnecessary medications. You’ll gain insights into how your physical body might be affected by an imbalance of muscle use due to this medication cycle. Besides, we touch on the societal issue of sheltering children from life’s realities and how it could potentially impact their transition into adulthood. To wrap things up, we introduce you to the comprehensive services offered by Berman Physical Therapy and Berman Health and Wellness, along with how you can access our free reports for a deeper understanding. Tune in for an informative take on the medical world’s realities.

(0:00) Intro (1:15) Medications (2:07) Finding the Right Pillow (3:57) We Hope You Enjoyed Thanksgiving! (4:30) Black Friday (5:41) You Don’t Need a Bunch of Medications (7:12) The Dangerous Cycle of Medication Use (11:35) Focusing on Problems, Not Symptoms (14:57) Braces Can Have Detrimental Effects (19:43) Loosing Your Independence (21:00) Tennis Elbow Brace is Making the Problem Worse (23:02) Outro Check Us Out On Social Media –

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Dr. Jake Berman

Dr. Jake Berman

After graduating from the University of Florida, Dr. Jake Berman, PT, DPT sought out mentorship first from Bob Seton in Destin, FL and then from Aaron Robles in Jacksonville, FL. Both of these mentors have 20+ years of experience helping people keep active and mobile so they can enjoy high quality active lifestyles. What Jake found was that back pain was by far the most debilitating pain and the highest factor leading to decreased physical activity later in life. These experiences are what inspired Jake to specialize in helping people aged 50+ keep active, mobile and pain free despite the aging process. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to alleviate somebody’s back pain so that they can get back to living their best life- especially in Naples! Over the years of helping 100’s of people aged 65-75 become stronger and pain free, one thing for sure has become apparent: “he who rests rots”. Jake is a firm believer that we become stiff then old, not old then stiff. Seriously, think about it...
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