Posture Workshop

Hybrid Workshop for Those Interested in Improving Their Posture so You Can Look and Feel More Confident, Feel Better Physically and Gain Back Some of The Height You Lost Over the Years!

Thursday August 26th at 2pm

Men and women typically LOSE over an inch of height after the age of 50 years old.

Poor posture is the #1 cause of rotator cuff tears and neck pain.

Most people think that improving their posture isn’t possible OR bad posture is a normal part of aging.

In this workshop Naples’ leading physical therapist Dr. Jake Berman will go over simple scientifically proven techniques that will literally have you leaving the workshop taller than when you started!

Even if you think you are “too old” or have already “tried every trick in the book”.

It’s still possible to improve your posture, gain height that you’ve lost, and feel more confident!

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  • Thursday August 26th
  • 2pm
  • Live in our office AND live on zoom!