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Are you struggling with abdominal pain, bloating, or an inflammatory symptom?

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If you are struggling with abdominal pain, bloating, or an inflammatory symptom (thyroid disease, joint pain, headaches…..), it’s very tempting to say “It will get better eventually,” or thinking to yourself, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works, so I give up.”

You’ve tried so many things: every diet, every pill, every type of doctor—but the symptoms aren’t getting better… or they do, they come right back!

If that's happening to you, you're not alone: we hear this type of thing all the time. In fact, Leaky Gut Syndrome is one of THE most common diagnosis that we see at Berman Health and Wellness!

And when it comes to have chronic abdominal pain or leaky gut symptoms, everybody we see wants to know:

"Why is this happening to me?"


Most people hope that they'll wake up one morning and "like magic," it'll be as if the pain never started in the first place and the inflammation is gone! But it never happens, and the longer these people wait, the worse their lifestyle gets.

Sound like you?

Another scenario we see all the time is people whose doctor tell them to just “take this pill and your [enter symptom like constipation and diarrhea] will get better.” But this is rarely the best advice, and six weeks later, they end up going back to the doctor for more pills because it hasn't got any better.

Has this type of thing happened to you?

Maybe you think your abdominal pain, bloating, or autoimmune condition is caused by some type of “bug”, when in reality it is caused by the foods you are eating on a daily basis – even though you have eaten those foods for decades (like gluten… or dairy...). The abdominal pain, bloating, Hashimoto’s disease, Migraines, Arthritis…. are SYMPTOMS of your body reacting to the types of foods you are eating. Do you want your doctor treating the effects, or do you want to get to the root CAUSE of your problem so you can PREVENT it from happening again and again?

IF YOU'RE CURRENTLY LIVING WITH Leaky Gut, HERE ARE SEVEN ways that we can help you get out of this frustrating cycle:

  • 1. You will be evaluated for YOUR food sensitivities or allergies to identify the foods that are causing inflammation in YOUR body.
  • 2. You will be evaluated to identify the proper gut healing protocol based on your sensitivities, your autoimmune conditions, and the problems causing your symptoms.
  • 3.  You need a meal plan with the proper macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats) that is PERSONALIZED to your body, your history, your medications, your activity level, and your metabolism for healing purposes.
  • 4. Medically monitored meal plans are most beneficial as it is important to evaluate blood levels which can be inhibiting healing and metabolic change.
  • 5. Your body is evaluated for hormonal imbalances which can contribute to blood sugar instability and slow healing.
  • 6. Your body is evaluated for inefficient glucose metabolism which can lead to abnormal intestinal microbiome (or health environment) and improper healing.
  • 7. There will be weekly modifications to ensure your success and weekly accountability, support, and encouragement to help you along this journey.

Hear From Happy Clients of Berman Health and Wellness

Please enjoy watching these case-studies of other people just like you who came to see the team at Berman Health and Wellness—and left much healthier and happier within just a couple of weeks:



Bob lost 40 pounds in the initial three months of his weight loss journey WITHOUT MEDICATIONS or excess exercise!

He has now lost 65 pounds and counting. Bob has utilized his personalized meal plan to his fullest potential and now feels that he has the ability to exercise without discomfort. He is seeing numbers on the scale that he "hasn't seen in years" and "cannot remember the last time he weighed that!" Bob has also been able to reduce his blood pressure and cholesterol medications!



Michelle has lost 22 pounds and has MAINTAINED this weight loss for over six months WITHOUT MEDICATIONS and with limited exercise!! 

Michelle identified a food sensitivity which was largely inhibiting her metabolism. With an adjustment of her food intake to eliminate her food sensitivity and healing her gut, she noticed a drastic improvement in her metabolism, energy level, sleep, and pain!



Don lost 33.2 pounds in his initial 12 weeks with dietary changes, WITHOUT MEDICATIONS, and WITHOUT excessive exercise!!

Don went on to lose a total of 41.2 pounds and has now maintained this weight loss for over three months. He worked one-on-one with a nutritionist to personalize a food regimen that works for him. Don has seen an improvement in his cholesterol, energy level, and sleep. He has been able to add in strength training exercise which he was unable to do prior. He has even been able to stop some of his heart medications due to the improvement of his weight and cholesterol! He is happy that he can still have his regular ice cream!!