Frequently Asked Questions About  Wellness

Will I be on a Diet?

Will I have personalized meal plan ideas?

Will I have to eat meat?

Will I have personalized guidance?

Will I be put on an exercise regimen?

Will I have to write my food down?

Will I have to take medications?

How do you personalize the meal plans?

What should I expect success to look like?

How do you measure success?

Do you work with my doctor?

How long is the program?

Do I have to take supplements?

What is a Food Sensitivity Test (IgG/IgE)?

What happens when the program is over?

Do you have vegan/vegetarian options?

Are meals prepped?

Do I have to give up food/drinks I love?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Physical Therapy

Is physical therapy right for my problem?

Does physical therapy hurt?

What injuries do you treat?

How will physical therapy help my injury?

Do I need a referral?

 What should I wear?

Can I bring someone with me?

How often will I need treatment?