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Online class for male golfers over the age of 50 Frustrated with losing distance off the tee

Learn how to increase your clubhead speed and distance off the tee -without spending hours on the driving range or thousands on new clubs

Tue May 4th- from 6-7pm - live on zoom

Male golfers lose the biggest percentage of clubhead speed and distance off the tee between ages 55-65

Most blame age and believe nothing can be done and they “just have to live with it” reluctantly moving up tees

Others try swinging harder which leads to back pain

In this online course presented by Dr. Jake Berman, Naples leading physical therapist- we go over simple scientifically proven techniques guaranteed to increase clubhead speed within minutes- without ever hitting a ball or spending hours frustrated and sweating on the driving range

Even if you think you are “too old” or have already tried “every trick in the book”...

It’s still possible to increase your clubhead speed and distance off the tee!

Sign up for our next online workshop and learn how!

Tue May 4th- from 6-7p- live on zoom

If you can’t make the class live- don't worry- all registered participants will receive a recording of the class!

Watch this video to see WHO should sign up and what you’ll learn…