Ed's Tee Shot Transformation

You're Up Next! Just listen to this success story!

Ed is 71 years young and has always been able to play really good golf until recently being plagued by frustrating injuries..

All in the past year he has had shoulder and knee issues that both required surgery, which left him unable to get any power behind his swing... And because of his injuries he had only been able to record 4 scores since September of last year.

I had worked with Ed before he had all of these injuries so he knew the basics of The Berman Method, but he was still unable to recruit the right muscles at the right time.

After finally essentially dragging him into the golf room earlier this week, 45 minutes into the session he had already made huge improvements!

Ed started out carrying his 6 iron an average of 162 yards and in such a short amount of time he increased that by 16 yards, now carrying the ball 178 yards with a total roll out of 197 yards! THATS HUGE!

Ed's Golf Success

Ed's Golf Success

Ed's Golf Success

Ed's Golf Swing Success

One session later Ed crushed his prior numbers, just look at this!

  •  5 more yards of carry!
  • 3 more total yards!
  • 4 more MPH clubhead speed!
  • 4 more MPH ball speed!
  • Decent angle increased from 38* to 43* which means it'll stick to the green opposed to rolling off!

BUT most importantly- look at the overall average distance of his shots! The overall average increased from 161 yards to 180 yards; that's an increase of 19 yards!!!

That means that his CONSISTENCY has dramatically improved!

That means far less BAD shots!

Which leads to way better SCORES and more ENJOYMENT of the game!

Remember- Ed is 71 years old so why do I keep hearing the naysayers cry that "I'm too old, it won't work for me" ???

If you want to increase distance, shoot more consistently, or just simply be able to play more frequently- you better call me now because we're already filling up and you don't want to miss out! 

Gain Distance, Shoot More Consistently, Play More Frequently!