Is Your Postpartum Baby Fat Beyond Frustrating?

Learn All About Proper, Efficient, Maintainable, Postpartum Weight Loss!

  • You lost 10 pounds instantly and now you have done everything you can think of to lose the last 15 pounds and the scale isn't budging?
  • You have tried every trick in the book, every diet plan out there, and don't have any MORE time to do MORE exercise?
  • You are trying to lose the weight and keep up with the demands of nursing and it just isn't working?
  • You think "It is what It is" and you just have to live with this -- but it is worth it because that beautiful baby is here?! (IThe baby truly is a beautiful blessing... But really, you don't have to live with it!)

Here's what one of our clients said recently...

I was trying to balance being a mom of two, nursing my youngest, and losing weight – which the “losing part” wasn’t happening.

Korri H

I am 34 years old and approximately 6 months postpartum with my second baby. I had my first baby two years ago, never quite got back to my pre-baby weight, and then got pregnant with my second baby. I gained about 35 pounds with my first baby and then after delivering my second baby was about 40 pounds heavier than my “normal” and my pre-baby weight. About 10 weeks after my second was born, I had lost about 15 pounds, but then the scale was not budging. I was trying to balance being a mom of two, nursing my youngest, and losing weight – which the “losing part” wasn’t happening. I knew I needed Jenni’s help! I was unhappy with myself, couldn’t find anything to wear, energy was down the drain… I needed to make a change.

I had been following Jenni on social media and watching the success stories from others. I knew this was going to be a monetary commitment, but I needed to invest in health, and I could absolutely see from her other clients that she would invest so much back into me, that it would truly be priceless.

Jenni took a much different approach with me than just general weight loss. She checked several blood tests and hormones from the start which she told me was really important for MY specific metabolism. We met weekly (which was so helpful for me to ask questions, make changes, and have accountability). She designed the recommendations for the meal plan based on my blood tests, my history, and my goals. She was available for me to ask questions about restaurant menus and grocery shopping throughout the week, too! She is so easy to talk to and very accessible. I have lost 27 pounds in the first 12 weeks of working with her. I am so excited to keep this journey going!

It is important for me to share my experience because I truly learned that the “calories in, calories out” tactic doesn’t work postpartum, especially when you are breastfeeding and/or pumping. You have to understand the RIGHT foods for milk supply AND weight loss, you need to understand the blood testing and the right macros for your day, and you need the support along the way. I know this would even work if I wasn’t breastfeeding! I highly recommend investing into your health!